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Villarroya del Campo

Villarroya del Campo


This municipality sits at the foot of a small relief at the confluence of the Orcajo and Villarroya streams, at the foot of a small reñieve called EL Castillo where there are remains of stone blocks from the first settlement. And it is that the first settlers were the Celtiberians who, around the 5th century BC, placed a town in the upper and flat part of the relief, as they did in many other places in the Campo de Romanos and the Jiloca region. . It would be a set of small mud constructions surrounded by a defensive wall made of large roughly worked stones. To isolate the settlement and increase the defensive character of the relief, the Celtiberians dug a large moat in the rock.

It extends over the plain in the shadow of a mountain on which the hermitage of San Bartolomé s stands. XII, which was built around the same time as the founding of the town. It is a simple brick and brick building, where some powerful stone buttresses stand out. Inside the hermitage there was a valuable 15th century Gothic altarpiece, which was recently transferred to the church of the Virgen del Rosario .

The church, in baroque style,  It is dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary and inside it houses one of the largest Gothic altarpieces in the region. It has 3 streets and 31 tables, originally belonging to three different altarpieces, two dated from the 15th century and one from the 16th. It is believed that at least one of the authors could be the teacher Blasco de Grañén.


At the level of popular architecture, there is a laundry next to the church, a peirón dedicated to the Virgen del Pilar located at the entrance of the town, the old forge or the wood oven, all recently restored. 

The goodness of the waters of Villarroya del Campo is also known. The term houses the fountains of the square, the Salz and the Botear, in the latter, there are some picnic areas and a good shade to contemplate the landscape and enjoy the tranquility. 

On the banks of the Villarroya stream, in its urban section, is the recently created municipal park, with a sports court, children's games, petanque and traditional games and paved walking areas. 

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