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Cerveruela is located near the Sierra de Peco, in a place of dark slates on the banks of the Huerva river, forming a very picturesque corner. On one of the cliffs of the gorge, a medieval defensive tower rises.

The parish church dedicated to Santiago Apóstol has a tower with two sections, the lower one made of ashlar and the upper one made of brick.
It sits in the highest part of the town. It is in the Baroque style and the date of its construction is set around the 18th century. Its altarpieces are of a popular character from the 17th and 18th centuries, highlighting the altar of the Virgen del Pilar.

The Peirón de la Virgen del Pilar, is located at the crossroads of the Old Road to Daroca and Paniza by the port.

Its natural environment invites us to take walks and hiking routes that will bring us closer to the fluvial grove of the Huerva river and will make us appreciate the headland poplars and holm oaks of the environment as well as unparalleled peace and tranquility.

In recent years, a cultural association, La Chaminera que humea, has recreated, among others, the tradition of making charcoal, as was done in the last century, an activity that contributed to the local economy.


In the municipality of Cerveruela we will find numerous interesting corners such as the fluvial grove of the Río Huerva, the Sierra del Peco, the Peña la Hiedra, El Azud in the Río Huerva or walk the GR-90 hiking route, lands of the Moncayo and the Iberian System Zaragoza .

Church of Santiago Apostol

It is a baroque style building and its construction date is set in the 18th century.
It consists of three naves, with a flat head and a transept covered with a dome.
The tower is of two bodies, the lower one of ashlar and the upper one of brick.
The altarpieces that it houses are of a popular character from the 17th and 18th centuries.

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