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Calle de Cubel


It is the highest municipality in the province with 1108m. altitude, at the foot of the Sierra de Santa Cruz of the Iberian System.

The church dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption s. XVIII with a plant in the shape of a Greek cross inscribed in a square in the baroque style. Its tower is the lower part of the castle as well as the perimeter that marks the square, although its bell tower is topped with brick. The church contains Gothic and Baroque altarpieces.

There are three hermitages, Santa Bárbara , Santo Cristo and the Virgen de Guialguerrero . Special mention to the latter since it is a set of church and hermit's house that could date back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries under the influence of the Baroque style. It is located in a medieval desert, possibly the one mentioned around 1205 as Villarguerrero or Villarguerro, and which was abandoned in the middle of the 14th century.

The peirón called Pilar de la Muela stands out, with the invocation of San Antón.

Guialguerrero is a freshwater lagoon located near the hermitage of the same name, between cultivated fields that collects the waters of the Azud ravine and other small depressions. It maintains the water most of the year, which allows the survival of numerous aquatic communities such as coots, grebes, mallards, red duck, etc. It is a privileged place to observe birds.

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