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Las Cuerlas

Iglesia de Las Cuerlas


In this town, remains of human activity from the Bronze Age and two ancient Celtiberian settlements, El Castillejo and San Pedro, located in the places of the same name have been found.

The church, a late Gothic building from the s. XVI, is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. It keeps interesting altarpieces such as that of the Virgen del Carmen s. XVII, decorated with Solomonic columns and San Francisco, with paintings on panels in Plateresque style and the main altarpiece from the s. XVIII, with a relic of Santa Orosia (1775).

It has two hermitages:

The Virgin of Carmen of the s. XVII located on the outskirts of the municipality and that of San Pedro , on the hill of the same name.

It has several peirones :

Santa Teresa, Santo Domingo de Silos and the peirón de la Virgen de Jaraba.

At a natural level, from the San Pedro hill you can see an extensive panoramic view of the Gallocanta Lagoon and its wetlands as well as a typical vegetation of the Prado de Las Cuerlas.

In the summer season you can see bustards and in winter cranes from the Reguera Observatory, without forgetting the waterfowl in the Los Ojos area during the rest of the year.

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