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Its urbanism accommodates an irregular terrain that presents a peculiar arrangement of buildings with the imprint of a Muslim past.

Almost in its center stands out the parochial church of the Assumption of the Virgin, of baroque style, for which they used the materials of a previous church of Mudejar style. It keeps important Gothic and Renaissance altarpieces from the old church. Among them, one stands out, dated around 1425. It shows a beautiful image of the Virgin with the child as the central figure.

Around her are 12 other scenes from her life. It is attributed to the collaboration of two painters from the region: the Master of Langa and the Master of Retascón, named for having left their most recognized works in both towns.


In its municipal area there is also a hermitage dedicated to San Cristóbal and a peirón with four niches with images of San Bartolomé, San Blas, San Cristóbal and Santa Bárbara, patrons of the four festivals that exist in the town.

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