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Torralba de los Frailes

Torralba de los frailes



Located next to the kingdom of Castile, the Community of Daroca and that of Calatayud, Torralba was founded on a hill. Being located in frontier lands, in Torralba a defensive castle was built around the s. XIV, which was in conjunction with the annexed parish church and the old cemetery. Today, the castle is a private home.

At the level of religious heritage, it is worth highlighting the church of Ntra. Sra. La Blanca, entirely rebuilt in 1660 in the Baroque style that belonged to the Military Religious Order of the Holy Sepulcher. Its tower, "alba" is part of the old walled enclosure.


There are three hermitages, the hermitage of San Juan, the hermitage of the Virgen de Belén or Virgen de la O (18th century) and finally the hermitage of Santo Cristo.


With regard to popular architecture, it has five peirones, San Francisco, San Antonio, San Blas, Los Santos and Virgen del Pilar.


As it passes through the lands of Torralba de los Frailes and Aldehuela de Liestos, the Piedra River makes its way creating canyons and spectacular meanders, the Hoces del Rió Piedra (SCI).


It is a space of strong contrasts, with thick riverside forests where we can enjoy the song of blackbirds or nightingales or steep walls that give shelter to numerous rock birds, among which the griffon vulture stands out. We can do long-distance routes and routes with 38 signposted climbing routes. There are two panoramic viewpoints, “Los Buitres” and “Reconquillo”, which show the great beauty of this unique place.  


Mix of land in which the municipality would be classified as smooth but nevertheless very close we find the Hoces del Río Piedra, which in some cases reaches a drop of 200 meters. We highlight a tour of the Hoces del Río Piedra, the panoramic viewpoints of the Buitres and the Reconquillo or its many climbing routes, but it also has marked routes for hiking and mountain biking.

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