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Town located in the plain of Campo de Romanos.

The most important monument in this town is the church of San Lorenzo, which houses magnificent Gothic panels, from a predella, which are attributed to the School of Bartolomé Bermejo.

The Gothic-style hermitage dedicated to Saint Fabian and Saint Sebastian is located next to the cemetery, which also contains a beautifully made Gothic panel.


It has three peirones: 
The one of San José , in the bifurcation of the field of Ferreruela and the Well; the one with the
  Virgin of Montserrat , in front of the cemetery and that of  San Ramón Nonato , Romanos road.


It has a recreational area in the Orcajo stream next to the old laundry.


Church of San Lorenzo

It is a masonry construction with ashlar corners and brick cornice, like the arch of the windows. The portal, located at the foot of the church, has a semicircular arch and is sheltered by pilasters that support a fronton in the form of a curtain; above it, niche and vases.
The interior of the church has three naves with an atrium on which the choir is located, two sections, a transept and a flat chevet; the transept is flush with the lateral naves that are of the same height as the central one.

It is covered with a vault of lunettes in the central nave, head and arms of the transept, this one with a dome on pendentives, a lantern and without a drum. The aisles and other rooms with a groin vault. The pillars that support the vault are square and with chamfered corners. Altar altarpieces are sheltered along the sides and under the arch.  

Hermitage of San Fabian and San Sebastian

It is in conjunction with the cemetery, it is made of poor material on the outside, but of great interest, both for its structure and for its antiquity; It could well be a 13th-century building that was expanded by the head, with a square space and covered with a simple ribbed vault, perhaps in the 15th century.
It has two masonry altarpieces, dating back to the 17th century. The main altarpiece houses the sculptures of San Fabián and San Sebastián.

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