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Herrera de los Navarros

Herrera de los Navarros



Located in the southern part of the province of Zaragoza, Herrera is located at the foot of the Sierra that bears the same name, in the Somontano of the Iberian Mountain Range.

The farmhouse is distributed on both banks of the river, presided over by a Mudejar tower.


Church of San Juan Bautista

In the center of town, the spectacular Mudejar-style church-fortress of San Juan Bautista stands out. Its construction dates back to the last third of the 14th century, under the patronage of Pedro IV the Ceremonious, with a roof with simple ribbed vaults. The complex as it appears today is the product of four construction stages that span from the middle of the fourteenth century to the end of the seventeenth, and of which the first two correspond to the Mudejar factory: the first from the middle of the fourteenth and the second early SV. In the 16th century the body of bells of the tower was added, and in the 17th century the head and the transept were added, turning it into a church with a Latin cross plan. This part of the church was the one that suffered the most damage during the civil war of 1936-39, having to be restored almost entirely after the war, covering the transept with the hemispherical dome on current reinforced pendentives and the arms and presbytery with a vault of edge.

Hermitage of the Virgen de Herrera

Together with the Mudejar tower and the San Juan Bautista church, the hermitage constitutes the great patrimonial treasure of the area. The Sanctuary of the Virgen de Herrera is located at 1350 meters high, in an emblematic place of great beauty, offering spectacular views from its viewpoint. Tradition tells that exactly in the place where the hermitage is built, the Virgin appeared to a coal man named Martín. On several occasions an attempt was made to carry the image from the mountain to the village church, but it returned to the place of its appearance, where it was finally left. The hermitage underwent extensions from the 16th century, but what is now preserved from the sanctuary dates from the 17th and 18th centuries. In the same place there is a restaurant and a guesthouse, which are open from San Jorge until the September festivities.

The panorama that can be seen from this top, right on the border between the provinces of Teruel and Zaragoza, is simply splendid and on clear days you can see the Pyrenees, and beyond Aragonese lands, Navarrese and Catalan territories.

Hill of the Castellares

On the hill of the Castellares de Herrera de los Navarros, 500 meters from the town center, we find the remains of a Celtiberian settlement from the II Iron Age, whose destruction and abandonment have been dated to the beginning of the second century BC. by C.

Torre mudéjar de Herrera de los Navarros
Ermita de la Virgen de Herrera
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