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Torre mudéjar de Mainar



In the surroundings of this population, signs of Iberian and Roman settlements have been found in areas such as El Balén or La Venta or Muslims in El Castillejo.

Located in the middle of the Huerva river plain, next to the N-330 road, this town is home to one of the most interesting Mudejar towers in the region, visible from the well-named Mudejar highway (A-23).

Previously, the Temple dating from the s. XVI, was dedicated to Santa María although at present it is Santa Ana its owner.
Expanded on the site of a primitive Gothic church, it presents a structure with semicircular arches on the vaults characteristic of the Aragonese Renaissance palatial style.

Built by order of Don Hernando de Aragón, it could be said that it constitutes the most complete example of a late Mudejar church of those existing in Aragon, it preserves all the Mudejar ornaments that make it unique, without forgetting its carvings from the 15th and 16th centuries. or the altarpieces of the s. XVII and XVIII.

The magnificent Mudejar tower stands out, recently restored, on an octagonal floor plan from the middle of the s. XVI. It had to be expanded at the end of the s. XVIII to configure the appearance that it presents today.


It has two peirones, the Virgen del Pilar and San Andrés, two hermitages; San Andrés and Santo Domingo and the Las Viñas cabin-fridge.

"La Gayubada"

The Cultural Association "El Castillejo" of Mainar, carries out several activities throughout the year, one of them "La Gayubada" that they share with the municipality of Torralbilla, is being a great success, making everyone who loves them accompany know our surroundings in a privileged way.

"La Gayubada" that one year starts from Mainar, and the next from Torralbilla consists of doing a walking march around these towns, the Association is in charge of organizing the event and also the day of the refreshments, without forgetting that At the end, all attendees share a pleasant meal after the walk, enlivened with jacks, gifts, thanks, etc.

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