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The current Nombrevilla was the Nombrevilla la Mayor, since there was the Nombrevilla la Menor or la Vieja, of Celtiberian origin, located 1 km. from the current one, on the banks of the Fuente de la Angigüela.

We will highlight the  Parish church dedicated to the Transfiguración del Señor, in the center of town. This baroque church from the s. XVII, has a tower with a square plan and a hipped roof. The temple houses various altarpieces from the 17th to the 19th centuries, among which the one dedicated to the Virgen del Pilar, Christ on the Cross, with the sun on the right and the moon on the left stand out. We will also find an exceptional protogothic image whose origin dates back to the 13th century and which represents the Virgin of Valvanera, patron saint of the town.

Within its municipal term we find two hermitages, one erected in honor of San Antón and the other to the Virgen del Rosario, where a panoramic viewpoint has been made. The visit to the viewpoint is the culmination of those who finish the Ruta de las Caleras on foot, recently restored to recover these ovens.


Nombrevilla preserves in its surroundings three beautiful examples of the traditional peirones: that of the Virgen de Valvanera, on the old Villanueva path, that of the Virgen del Pilar, at the fork of Calle Mayor and that of San Roque, at the entrance to the population from Daroca.


The town conserves an old ice fridge in good condition, various ovens to make charcoal and the remains of an old dovecote.

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