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The Campo de Daroca Region is one of those places where time not only passes very slowly, but sometimes it seems to stop.

We were a place of opportunities for the three cultures of the s. XII when we became the impregnable southern border of Aragon. The foral rights of Daroca and its Community of Villages attracted Christian, Muslim and Jewish people. In the S. XIII Daroca was one of the largest cities in Aragon and with it came art, beauty and music.

We are a place of natural rarities, of salty lagoons that do not see the sea, of ways of farming as in the Nile without ever having been there, of African forests in the deep Aragon, of limestone shaped drop by drop, of thousands of birds that they always come back to visit us.  

But despite our rarities, what really distinguishes us is the desire to experience our landscape and heritage, without fanfare, soft, comfortable.  

We are distinguished by silence, calm and large open landscapes where we can travel with a free style. You come?

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