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Murero Paleontological Site

Trilobites Yacimiento de Murero

The Rambla de Valdemiedes, in the vicinity of the town of Murero, constitutes an incomparable testimony of the seabed that covered the area 500 million years ago, housing fossil samples of a multitude of animal organisms, among which the trilobites are especially numerous ( a class of extinct arthropods), with nearly 80 different species described.

The paleontological site of Murero is one of the most continuous and complete records of the Paleozoic period, which allows it to be classified as a worldwide reference in the study and knowledge of the evolution of life on our planet, with signs of the first great extinction of known species on Earth.

It was declared " Asset of Cultural Interest ", as well as "Place of Spanish geological interest of international relevance." It has a signposted route with information panels that can be accessed from the same road that leaves Murero, which runs between the slopes of the rich and extensive pine forest that is repopulated in the area.

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