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Sierra de Sta. Cruz

Sierra de Sta Cruz

Wild nature, extensive pine forests and oak forests are combined with agriculture and tradition in the Sierra de Santa Cruz, the roof of our Region.

In the heart of the Iberian Zaragoza, in the Sierra de Santa Cruz the highest heights of Campo de Daroca are located : they are the peaks of Almenara Alta (1,436m) and Santa Cruz (1,423m) . The latter, which can be accessed through a forestakl track that starts from the port of Used road (CV-204), has one of the best panoramic balconies and viewpoints, which together with the Sanctuary of the Virgen de Herrera (1,349m), will provide the traveler with extraordinary views of our territory .

The area has two recognized environmental protection figures within the Natura 2000 Network, such as the Sierras de Pardos and Santa Cruz SCI and the LIC "Sierra de Santa Cruz - Puerto de Used" , where one of the main attractions It is the presence of the Centaurea pinnata, a small plant in danger of extinction and an endemism of the Iberian System.

Also, and as a complement for lovers of starry skies, due to their altitude and the purity of light and without pollution of our skies, the peaks of the mountains are always a wonderful place for astronomical observation and the enjoyment of phenomena such as those popularly known. "perseidas" or "tears of San Lorenzo".

At its feet and in the somontanos of the Sierra de Santa Cruz we can find some towns such as Used, Atea, Orcajo or Acered , which can be visited and traveled through our routes (either walking, running or on two wheels) and that will delight the visitor with a pleasant walk between holm oaks, pines and melojos through forest tracks.

In addition, on the slopes of the mountains there are some secluded hermitages camouflaged among the dense forest such as that of San Nicolás de Orcajo, very close to the pinsapar, the always charming hermitage of San Lamberto de Atea, the curious hermitage of the Virgen de Semón in Acered or the simple chapel of Santa Cruz de Atea that presides over the summit of the same name, next to the forest surveillance point.

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