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Sierra de Herrera

Sierra de Herrera de los Navarros

The eastern end of the Daroca region is dominated by another series of mountain ranges that make up the Iberian Zaragoza, and that represent one of the few almost virgin points of our nature. We are talking about the Sierra de Herrera .

The Herrera mountain range has its roof at 1,349m above sea level, standing at its top, among an extensive repopulated pine forest, the Sanctuary of the Virgen de Herrera , where the views on clear days will leave us speechless : it will be easy to contemplate from the Pyrenees in the distance, up to the lonely figure of Moncayo to the west. It is possible to access the Sanctuary through an asphalt path that starts from the road that connects Herrera and Villar de los Navarros, or from the trails and roads that start from Herrera or Luesma, both at the foot of the mountains.

The Sierra de Herrera itself has a SCI called "Alto del Huerva-Sierra de Herrera", within the Natura 2000 Network, which tells us about its environmental importance . Exploring its surroundings and with a little attention, lovers of fauna and flora will be able to observe different species typical of the Mediterranean mount, such as the ocellated lizard, the restless claw chickadees among the needles of the pines, or the beautiful plumage of the red rocker in the summer season.

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