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Hoces del Río Piedra

Hoces del río Piedra

To cross the meandering fluvial paradise of the Piedra River, carved between limestone cliffs, is to enter the heart of the wildest nature of the Campo de Daroca Region .

The impressive Hoces del Río Piedra, located between Aldehuela de Liestos and Torralba de los Frailes, are famous for their vertical cliffs, although they have many other valuable natural treasures. There are two main natural assets in this unique environment: on the one hand, the numerous plant and flora species that house the sickles, where species from different habitats are combined, and on the other, the rich variety of different species of birds that live among the rocky cliffs and the river forest.

As far as vegetation is concerned, the bottom of the canyon is home to a very varied riparian vegetation in which maples, ash trees, poplars and willows predominate, as well as a thicket made up of deciduous shrubs such as a thicket made up of deciduous shrubs such as guillomo or honeysuckle . At the fauna level, it will be easy to see chickadees, blue tit, woodpeckers, or cuckoos and orioles in summer. All spectacle of life.

On the other hand, among the large cliffs and rock cliffs we find rupicolous flora perfectly adapted to the terrain, such as the black juniper , rock tea , ivy or the Virgin's shoes , hanging on the impressive rocky falls. These large walls are the ideal place to observe all the winged fuana that live in them, from daytime raptors such as the griffon vulture , Egyptian vulture and the peregrine falcon , to the night, where the Eagle Owl , the largest nocturnal bird of prey in Europe, stands out. .

To explore and learn more about all this environment there are several circular routes that start from Aldehuela and Torralba, giving access to the two main viewpoints that will leave the visitor speechless: the Reconquillo viewpoint and the Hoces viewpoint , which you can reach through the GR-24 tourist trail . And although any time of the year is good to discover this environment, the panorama is especially magical in autumn , when the reddish and brown tones of the river forest adorn the meandering course of the Piedra River, always protected by its large and vertical cuts. A true paradise for lovers of hiking.

In addition, hiking or bird watching is not the only activity that we can enjoy in this place: in its access through Torralba de los Frailes, lovers of sport climbing will be able to enjoy about 100 routes divided into 8 sectors , highlighting the large number of routes of medium-low difficulty , which makes the area an ideal place for sport climbing more focused on leisure and sports learning.


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