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Campo de Romanos

Campo de Romanos

The Daroca region is a territory of contrasts, and our landscapes and orography demonstrate this. An example of this is the Campo de Romanos plateau.

The Campo de Romanos is a vast plain located between the Jiloca valley and the foothills of the Iberian mountain ranges of Modorra, Peco and Cucalón. This vast territory is home to small towns that have livestock and agriculture as their main way of life, where the tradition and culture of each corner survive over time.

Agriculture in the area is mainly cereal-growing, which makes the Campo de Romanos a magnificent plain that is seasonally covered with a strong color that dyes and floods the horizon as far as the eye can see. The contrast of colors in the successive seasons is a real treat for the senses : from the ocher and reddish tones typical of the bare clay soil of autumn and winter, to the intense green of the cereal in spring, which will later turn yellow with the arrival of the summer and harvest.

In addition, the Campo de Romanos has another nice surprise: the undergrowth that guards the Huerva river . From south to north, crossing the towns of Badules, Villadoz and Villarreal de Huerva, the waters of this small river run through the plain forming a narrow bank where the headland poplars and the rest of the vegetation will give us a breath of fresh air in the days warmer.

The good condition of the forest and agricultural tracks in the area allows you to explore the different towns of the plain. Routes that we find duly signposted through the soft valleys opened by streams and springs.

These hiking and cycling routes are magnificent for sharing the sensations and emotions transmitted by open landscapes and, at the same time, being able to discover and admire one of the most impressive cultural legacies that the Region offers, its impressive Gothic and Mudejar heritage, visible in the altarpieces and bell towers of the churches of Langa del Castillo, Villarroya del Campo, Lechón, Mainar, Romanos and Villarreal de Huerva.

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Discover the different routes in the Roman countryside:

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