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Aguallueve de Anento

Aguallueve de Anento

The Aguallueve de Anento is one of those magical natural places that surprise the visitor when they least expect it, located next to one of the "most beautiful towns in Spain".

The Aguallueve is in its essence a natural spring from which its waters emerge slowly, but continuously, as if they were raindrops (hence its name), creating a spectacular karst relief in the limestone that gives rise to walls. full of moisture, mosses, ferns and small cavities.

The continuous dripping of its waters generates a beautiful valley that overflows with nature on all four sides and that can be traversed through the trails that give access from Anento, between the lush and green of the riverside forest : poplars, ash trees, pines, blackberries, ivy ... will protect our steps, while we can enjoy the piping song of the blackbird, the unmistakable "cu-cu" of the common cuckoo, or the quick and furtive visit of a roe deer.

In addition, the contrast between the green of the riverbank forest where ivy covers the trunks, the brown and frisaceous tones of the limestone walls and the intense reddishness of the clay gullies that flank the small valley, generate a unique and singular landscape. .

The water is collected in a pond (where bathing is prohibited) which is then channeled to irrigate fields and orchards, thus making the most of natural resources.

Along the path that leads to Aguallueve from Anento, you can find a picnic area where you can rest, quench your thirst at the enabled fountain, or complement the route with access to the remains of the castle or the Celtiberian tower.

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Ruta del Aguallueve de Anento

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